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Opening Hours

Winter Thursday, Friday & Saturday 10 - 2pm

Step into the world of creativity and inspiration at
“A Brush with Shelley” art exhibition,
Opening on December 1st 2023 and running through Jan 28th 2024.
Opening night 5pm. Meet and greet the artists. Free Entry.
This captivating showcase features a diverse collection of artwork, born from the talented minds of artists hailing from Tumbarumba and the surrounding district, as well as the vibrant city of Canberra.
Discover the unique perspectives and artistic journeys of those who participated in this year’s art camp at Shelley Forest Camp.
Immerse yourself in a world of color, passion, and innovation, as we celebrate the remarkable talents that thrive in our own backyard.
Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the beauty and diversity of regional artistry at its finest.

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